Provenance: An Introduction to PROV
Luc Moreau and Paul Groth

Following the recent publication of the PROV standard for provenance on the Web this Morgan & Claypool Synthesis lecture is a hands-on introduction to PROV aimed at Web and linked data professionals. By means of recipes, illustrations, this site, and tools, it guides practitioners through a variety of issues related to provenance: how to generate provenance, publish it on the Web, make it discoverable, and how to utilize it. Equipped with this knowledge, practitioners will be in a position to develop novel applications that can bring openness, trust, and accountability.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Data Journalism Scenario, introduces a data journalism example, which we use extensively across the book.
  • Chapter 3: The PROV Ontology, is a concise presentation of the PROV ontology, which can be used as reference material.
  • Chapter 4: Provenance Recipes, is concerned with methodological recipes on how to model provenance for specific problems, and how to deploy it in an inter-operable manner.
  • Chapter 5: Validation, Compliance, Quality, Replay, first focuses on the notion of valid provenance. It then expands on various forms of utilization of provenance. A series of technical requirements are introduced, and SPARQL queries are to used illustrate how these can be implemented.
  • Chapter 6: Provenance Management, is dedicated to techniques to manage provenance, and specifically to make it available, by means of RDFa embedded in HTML documents and provenance services.
  • Chapter 7: Conclusion, summarizes the book with a checklist that developers can follow to check whether their provenance is properly structured and exposed. Open issues and future research directions are also discussed.
  • About the book

    This book is part of the Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Technology edited by James Hendler and Ying Ding.

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    Luc Moreau and Paul Groth (2013). Provenance: An Introduction to PROV. Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Technology. Morgan & Claypool.
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